The State and Sexual Violence: Challenging Impunity, Demanding Justice

Final wss repor english cover_cropSexual violence has become the weapon of choice in the state’s repressive arsenal, by any parliamentary party in power. Women become the most vulnerable targets of violence during war, communal violence or military occupation. Rape and violence are not simply acts of a few depraved individuals but a weapon used systematically by individuals, society and state to subjugate women or ‘teach them a lesson’.

By probing and documenting several cases of sexual violence perpetrated by the state in various parts of the country, this report by WSS seeks to highlight a pattern that has been emerging over the last few years, to make visible a barbaric, unlawful face of the Indian state, which is being obfuscated and hidden from the public view in various ways.

To get a copy of the report, click here

For a copy of the report in Hindi, click here

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