Telangana Hijra Intersex Transgender Samiti

Justice for Pravallika

City: Hyderabad
Date: February 21, 2015

Telangana Hijra Transgender Samiti acknowledges the Cyberabad police leadership taking departmental action against the policemen who denuded our Hijra sister, and for solving the Pravallika murder case and taking action against Mr. Venkat who had perpetrated several brutal attacks upon the transgender community over the last several months. The Samiti warns that any future transphobic attacks on the community will be similarly protested with our full energy until action is taken, and we call for action for the speedy implementation of the NALSA vs. UOI judgment of the honorable Supreme Court.

We, the members of the Telangana Hijra Transgender Samiti, after several months of relentless struggle, with support from the media, announce that

  1. The Cyberabad Police Commissioner’s Office has investigated and taken action against the policemen who sexually assaulted our Hijra sister S (name withheld) by denuding her for four hours in the KPHB police station on 20th January 2015 on the pretext of Pravallika murder investigation and jeopardizing her health as an HIV+ person. We hope that policemen and other transphobic people across the state will take note and treat all hijras and transgenders with dignity and respect, as we will rigourously protest any assault on transgender people and ensure that action is taken against any assaulter. We acknowledge the efforts of the Cyberabad and KPHB police leadership for taking internal action against these policemen and the effort of Mr. Kartikeya, DCP for making it clear that the Telangana police will not tolerate transphobia from anyone including its own ranks. We hope they will continue to take a stand against transphobia and also the sexism, casteism, classism and communalism displayed by the police and state towards citizens on a regular basis. THITS has an understanding of the sexist, casteist, classist and communal nature of the state.

  1. The KPHB police also solved the Pravallika murder case and arrested the prime accused viz. Kurma Venkateshulu alias Venkat Yadav, Rayapati Rajashekhar Reddy and Kakarla Tirumaleshwar Reddy. We are very hopeful that the fourth accused viz. Ramudu who is absconding will soon be arrested and urge the Cyberabad and KPHB police to arrest him at the earliest. The arrest of Venkat comes after several nights when the transgender community struggled on the street to collectively fend off attacks by Venkat Yadav.

  1. We appeal to the media not to refer and/ publish the names assigned at birth to Hijra & Transgender people, and to instead address them by the names of their chosen gender. For example, some newspapers referred Pravallika by the name assigned to her at her time of birth, which was clearly not her chosen identity. This is important to ensure compliance to the NALSA vs. UOI judgment of the honorable Supreme court and would also ensure responsible and ethical reporting of the incidents involving Hijra and Transgender people.

We appeal to the Government of Telangana and all state agencies to speedily implement the NALSA vs. Union of India judgment of the honorable Supreme court and take concrete steps to help us reclaim our dignity and rightful place in society that is continually under assault by the cultures of silence, invisibilisation, prejudice and violence. We draw attention to our collective struggle to survive in a society that shuns difference, stifles free expression and violently rejects the existence of sexualities and gender identities that differ from the norm.

Our demands include the following:

  1. Immediate implementation of the NALSA vs. Union of India judgment of the honorable Supreme Court by the central and state governments, in terms of

  • provision of reservation in jobs and education

  • the framing and implementation of equitable and inclusive laws for the prevention of atrocities, violence, sexual assault and preventing any form of discrimination of sexual and gender minorities

  • to ensure access to jobs, education, housing, bathrooms, public transport, legal recognition in the chosen gender, marriage, adoption, etc.

  1. Establishment of a statutory National Transgender Commission on the lines of the National Women’s Commission, as well as a state welfare board run by direct democratic vote by all transgender identified people. This Board should be empowered to facilitate co-ordination among various government departments allowing access of Hijra and transgender women into the existing government welfare schemes. Especially for access to free gender transition medical care, housing, jobs and education.

  2. Sensitization of all government organizations, educational institutions, places of work, health care establishments, and private organizations and all other places of day to day life to facilitate acceptance and inclusion of all gender and sexual minorities

Thanking you

Telangana Hijra Transgender Samiti

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  1. Youshitha goud

    Here is youshitha and am a film maker…I wanted to know where the Telangana hizra transgender samiti is located?? And I wanted to speak with vyjayanthi mam… this is very important to me… kindly respond.

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