Hyderabad Protest Against Attacks on Soni Sori and Jaglag

Hyderabad, 21 February 2016

Today at Tank Bund, a group of 50 people spontaneously gathered to
protest the attack upon adivasi activist Soni Sori, as well as to
condemn the rapes of adivasi women and fake encounters that Soni Sori
had been protesting relentlessly. Present were representatives of
Women Against Sexual Violence and State Repression, Sandhya from
Progressive Organisation of Women, feminist activists Sajaya and
Vanaja, Prof. Laxman, Suresh, Raju and Narayana of Civil Liberties
Committee, Prof. Padmaja Shaw, Prof. Harjinder Singh (Laltu), Prof.
K.Y. Ratnam, Prof. G. Vijay of Democratic Teachers Network, and
several teachers and students of University of Hyderabad and EFLU.

Hyderabad 21 feb 2016

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