Latest update on Soni Sori

25 February 2016

Soni is improving. The swelling has reduced and she is able to speak without too much discomfort.

22 February 2016

Delhi CM Mr. Kejriwal visited Soni in the hospital


Apollo Hospital Medical Bulletin —

*Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi *

*Medical Bulletin*
22 February 2016, 7:53pm

*22nd Feb 2016*: The patient came to the hospital yesterday at night with chemical burns on her face and was immediately admitted in the ICU. A team of senior consultant specialists has been assigned to care for all her clinical needs. We are hopeful that she will recover within the next few weeks and are carefully monitoring the situation on an hourly basis. She has been evaluated by the ophthalmologist and her eye on bed side examination appears to be normal, though she has orbital and conjunctival oedema. Her condition is stable at the moment with no threat to her life.

22 February 2016, 02:03pm

Via Nandini Rao
I got to see Soni this morning when I went to the hospital this morning. First, the good news. She is clear, lucid and communicative, as always. Her voice is unclear, but that’s probably because of the swelling on her face (But it didn’t stop her from sitting up and chatting with me). Her right eye is closed and she can’t see because of it. Her left eye is slightly open and she can see through it (even though blurred). Her lips are swollen.

The Chhattisgarh state AAP coordinator, Sanketji, and I met with Dr. I.P. Singh. In his opinion, Soni was attacked with a chemical that could have been an acid-alkali mix. He said it was difficult to say that for sure, since her face has been washed a few times since the attack. He said that it might take upto 2 weeks for the swelling to go down. The ophthalmologist had examined her and Dr. Singh updated that the eyes would most probably be fine, especially once the swelling goes down. As for the burns on her face, the Drs are not going to do anything proactive about it (“no excision”, he said). He said that black layer will start peeling off by itself. That process could take upto 2 weeks or so. The main thing they need to be careful about is prevention of bacterial infection, since this is a burns case. Her vitals are all stable.

Overall, he was positive and optimistic about her progress.

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