Fact Finding Reports : Looting and Sexual Violence by Security Forces in South Chhattisgarh

peddagellurWSS teams have gone for two fact-finding trips to South Chhattisgarh between October 2015 and January 2016. The second round of fact-finding was done in collaboration with Coordination fro Democratic Rights Organizations (CDRO).

The fact-findings uncovered incidents of sexual violence, loot and plunder in interior villages through the security forces while on their combing operations in Peddagellur and adjoining villages (Bijapur), Bellam Lendra (again in Bijapur) and Kunna (Sukma). The teams also went to Nilawaya (Dantewada) where an adivasi villager was killed while simply crossing going from one hamlet to another on October 7, 2015, and similarly in Pedda Jojer where four people had died, including of one 13 year old girl, enroute to the weekly haat in a so-called encounter in January 2016. We also visited the families of the two journalists, Somaru Nag and Santosh Yadav and went to Bhadrimahu (Bastar) a village which was linked to Santosh’s arrest.

A compiled report is under preparation. Read the village reports of each of these visits.
01 Peddagelur, Bijapur Fact Finding Report

02 Bellam lendra, Bijapur Fact Finding Report

03 Kunna, Sukma Fact Finding Report

04 Nilawaya, Dantewada Fact Finding Report

05 Pedda Jojer Fact Finding Report

06 Bhadrimahu, Bastar Fact Finding Report



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