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Rape, Murder and Looting in Mewat: A Fact Finding Report

Rape, Murder and Looting in Mewat: The Night of August 24 th 2016

WSS Delhi

A team of members from Women Against Sexual Violence and State Repression went on a fact finding visit to the village of Dingerheri in Nuh district of the Mewat region of Haryana (bordering Rajasthan) on the 21 st September 2016. According to very sparse news reports that only trickled in around mid September, a horrific attack had taken place in the dead of night in the outskirts of this village. A couple was murdered, their house looted, two young women gangraped, and several other members seriously injured while they were sleeping. They were all Muslim. The case was to be handed over to the CBI.

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SDM Tamnar issues public threat to hound out women activists!!


The SDM Tamnar, a representative of the District Administration of Raigarh district, openly issued vituperative and abusive threats to intimidate and harass villagers engaged in a peaceful anti-mining protest, and in particular, targetted Rinchin, a WSS member and a village organizer who has been living with these villagers for the past three years.

Chhattisgarh has long been a battleground where the state, in collusion with corporate capital, is waging a war against Adivasis who are resisting the model of “development” – based on brutal extraction and explotation of natural resources- that is being forced on them, in flagrant violation of the laws of the land and Constitutional rights.
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