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Police collusion with the perpetrators of rape and murder of a minor girl from the Nishad community (WSS Investigation Report)

आप बताना दीदी, मैं गलत बोल रही हूँ क्यागरीब की बेटी की इज्ज़त नहीं होती क्या!

“You tell me, sister, I am saying anything wrong … doesn’t the daughter of a poor person not have any not respect?”

We reached Gurmandi, about 10 km from the heart of New Delhi’s Connaught Place, at about 5.15 pm on 22 October, 2020. We were there to learn more about about the seventeen year old Dalit girl who was allegedly raped and murdered by her employer in Model Town on October 4. We turned into a narrow lane, and her house was upstairs, in a building at the end of the lane – just one room.

Her aunt, her mother’s younger sister, was settling the room after visitors had left, when we arrived. In the course of conversation, we discovered that she had not even had time to eat – she had returned from work and there were visitors, and we were there and she was trying to make us feel at home. This endless stream of visitors had become routine, since October 16. The girl’s older aunt lived not far away, and had also arrived to meet us.

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रेप-मर्डर केस में नाबालिग निषाद पीड़िता के साथ अन्याय, दोषियों का बचाव और पुलिस की साझेदारी – (WSS फैक्ट्फाइन्डिंग रिपोर्ट)

आप बताना दीदी, मैं गलत बोल रही हूँ क्यागरीब की बेटी की इज्ज़त नहीं होती क्या!

शाम के लगभग 5.15 पर हम गुड़मंडी में चौधरी चौक से होते हुए कुछ संकरी गलियों में घुसे। ऐसी ही एक गली में हम अंत के एक मक़ान में गए, सीढ़ियाँ चढ़ते ही उल्टे हाथ पर प्लास्टर किया हुआ एक कमरा था- मॉडल टाउन में काम करने वाली 17 साल की नाबालिग लड़की का, जिसका 4 अक्टूबर 2020 को कथित तौर पर बलात्कार और मर्डर हुआ है।

कमरे में उसकी छोटी मौसी थी, चूल्हे के पास खड़ी थी। और हमसे 3 मिनट पहले जो लोग मिलकर गए, उनके जाने पर कमरा सही कर रही थी, हमारे आते ही हमारी खातिरदारी में लग गई। बातों-बातों में पता चला कि उन्होनें सुबह से खाना भी नहीं खाया था, काम से लौट कर लोगों से बातचीत में ही लगी रह गई। 16 अक्टूबर से यह उनका रोज़ का रूटीन हो गया है। बड़ी मौसी, जो 3 गली छोड़ कर रहती हैं, वो भी वहीं आ गई थी।

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Fact Finding Visit On The Social And Human Development Situation Of People In Lanjigarh And Niyamgiri, Kalahandi &Rayagada Districts, Odisha

Fact Finding visit on the social and human development situation of people in Lanjigarh and Niyamgiri, Kalahandi &Rayagada Districts, Odisha – Interim Observations

(23-27 March, 2019)

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A fact finding was conducted by 6 members of Women against Sexual Violence and State Repression (WSS), a nationwide network of like-minded people from diverse political and social movements comprising of women’s organizations, mass organizations, civil liberty organizations, student and youth organizations, mass movements and individuals who take on issues of human rights of women and marginalised communities. The fact finding team visited Odisha’s Rayagada, Kalahandi, Bhubaneswar areas to specifically understand the issues impacting the tribal comprising of DongriaKondh, KutiaKondh, Majhi Kondh and Dalits affected by the violations and violence meted out on them to make way for mining giant Vedanta to do its business. Continue reading

Report Of The Fact-Finding Group On Casteist And Sexist Harassment Of Prof. Sujatha Surepally

As part of a fact-finding delegation of women representing various civil society organizations and womens organizations, WSS held a press conference at 12.30 pm at Karimnagar press club on 2 January, 2017 and visited Satavahana University (SU).

Context: On 25 December 2017, dalit bahujan students of Satavahana University in Karimnagar, Telangana, held an event outside the campus gate in front of the Jyotiba Phule Statue to burn “Manusmriti”. This programme is done every year on 25 December to keep the spirit of first such event conducted by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar in 1927 alive. After the students finished the event of symbolically burning text from the Manusmriti (not from a book but words from the text written on large chart sheets), and were walking back to the hostel, a local BJP politician and his supporters from RSS-affiliated organizations arrived at the University with sticks. They came inside the campus and attacked these students who were very few numbers, meanwhile others went to hostel and brought other students to resist this attack by RSS. As this clash continued, RSS members from outside the University joined in hundreds and Satavahana students also came to the scene in big numbers. Not one of these RSS members was from the university and some of them have criminal cases on them. Continue reading

Towering Resistance: A Report on the Bhangar Movement Against the Power Grid

A 12 member team of WSS visited Bhangar in early March, 2017, and met with affected villagers and concerned officials, in order to understand the origins and impetus behind the massive resistance movement against the power grid project being undertaken by Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL). This report is based on our visit to the area, public documents and media reports from the area.

You can access the full report at the following link : TOWERING RESISTANCE