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बदनुमा गिरफ्तारी

यौन हिंसा तथा राज्य के दमन के विरुद्ध महिलाएं (डब्लूएसएस) फादर स्टैन स्वामि की गिरफ्तारी पर अंचभित है। फादर स्टैन स्वामि एक बुज़ुर्ग पादरी हैं जो पिछले पांच दशकों से आदिवासी मुद्दों पर काम करते रहे हैं। उन्हें 8 अक्टूबर, 2020 की रात में बदनाम भीमा कोरेगांव-एल्गार परिषद षडयंत्र प्रकरण में गिरफ्तार किया गया। एक सच्चे कार्यकर्ता और प्रतिष्ठित विद्वान की इस गिरफ्तारी की डब्लूएसएस भर्त्सना करता है और बताना चाहता है कि इस दयालु व विनम्र व्यक्ति के खिलाफ लगाए सारे आरोप हास्यास्पद हैं। हम बताना चाहते हैं कि 1 जनवरी, 2018 के दिन हुई भीमा कोरेगांव हिंसा की जांच दरअसल देश के अग्रणि मानव अधिकार कार्यकर्ताओं को सताने का एक ज़रिया बन गई है। इस जांच के दौरान 15 अन्य वकीलों, कार्यकर्ताओं, लेखकों, कवियों, बुद्धिजीवियों को इसी तरह के बेतुके आरोपों में बंदी बनाया गया है। कुछ तो दो साल से भी अधिक अवधि के लिए कारागार में बंद रहे हैं।

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Arrest Most Foul – WSS Statement On The Arrest Of Father Stan Swamy

WSS is appalled at the arrest of Father Stan Swamy, an elderly Jesuit priest working on adivasi issues for the past 5 decades in the infamous Bhima Koregaon – Elgar Parishad conspiracy case on the night of 8 October, 2020. WSS condemns this most recent arrest of a sterling activist and a reputed authority, and calls out the sheer absurdity of charges against this kindly and gentle soul. We note that the investigation into Bhima Koregaon violence on 1st Jan 2018 has turned into a farcical witch-hunt against the leading human rights activists in the country, in which 15 other lawyers, activists, writers, poets, intellectuals and activists of renown have already been imprisoned under similarly ludicrous charges, some for over two years.

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WSS Statement On The Arrests Of Prof. Anand Teltumbde And Gautam Navlakha

WSS condemns the arrests of Prof. Anand Teltumbde and Gautam Navlakha and demands the immediate release of all political prisoners!

April 15th 2020

Today, with undeniable irony, we have witnessed the surrender/arrests of Prof. Anand Teltumbde and Gautam Navlakha by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). Both Prof. Anand Teltumbde and Gautam Navlakha are known to us through their activism, writing and relentless pursuit of democratic principles. They have also remained steadfastly opposed to Brahmanical Hindutva fascism in all its manifestations. While the country marks the 129th Ambedkar Jayanti on April 14th, members of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s family find themselves charged and incarcerated under the draconian Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) under the ludicrously concocted Bhima Koregaon 2018 case. The Bhima Koregaon case has been a catch-all for incarcerating voices of dissent that have spoken out against the anti-people policies of the State, exposed instances of increasing state repression and stood in solidarity with the most oppressed people of this country. At a time of an extraordinary global health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, where hundreds of thousands of migrant informal workers are struggling to return to their native homes in the wake of the apathy of the State and industry , when medical professionals are compelled to risk their lives due to lack of personal protective equipment and healthcare facilities, and measures to tackle the disease seem to be aimed to target and vilify the minority communities, the authorities remain aloof to the true conditions of the large sections of people. In the same breath, activists and democrats like Teltumbde and Navlakha, who are around the age of 70, are denied reprieve by the highest courts of this country. While on the one hand the courts are ordering the decongestion of prisons due to overcrowding, activists and human rights defenders are being incarcerated in jails that are insufficiently placed to tackle the spread of the virus. This is a stark reflection of the country today. At this political crossroads, the spirit of democracy faces a direct challenge by the very institutions of the state responsible for upholding it. Continue reading

WSS Statement On The Arrests of Sudha Bharadwaj, Vernon Gonsalves, Arun Ferreira, Gautam Navlakha and Varavara Rao

WSS Condemns Arrests of Sudha Bharadwaj, Vernon Gonsalves, Arun Ferreira, Gautam Navlakha and Varavara Rao

WSS strongly condemns targeted attack on democratic rights activists, blatantly retributive actions of Maharashtra Police and demands immediate and unconditional release of all arrested activists, lawyers, writers and journalists

WSS strongly condemns the arrests of its member Advocate Sudha Bharadwaj, and activists Vernon Gonsalves, Arun Ferreira, Gautam Navlakha, Varavara Rao, and the raids at the homes of Father Stan Swamy, Dr. Anand Teltumbde, Prof. K. Satyanarayana, Pavana, Anala, Kurmanath, Kranti Tekula and others conducted by the Maharashtra police along with the state police of Telangana, Jharkhand, Goa and Delhi. These searches and arrests are a diversionary tactic to draw attention away from the spine chilling revelations about Hindu Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janjagruti in connection to the assassinations and bomb terror which they have been masterminding. 

On the 28th of August, in a coordinated operation, days before the 90 day period for judicial custody period of the five arrested in the Bhima Koregaon case end, several well known academics, lawyers, writers, poets, priests and journalists have been arrested and their homes raided by the police. Just under three months following the arrests of Professor Shoma Sen, Advocate Surendra Gadling, activists Sudhir Dhawale, Rona Wilson and Mahesh Raut, the Maharashtra police appear to be persistently cracking down on all voices that have stood in solidarity with them. This coordinated effort to harass and malign human rights activists all over the country is intended solely to create a sense of terror amidst the democratic people of this country and must be seen as a war against democracy. Despite the fact that no incriminating evidence has emerged in these cases, with no respect or regard for the law, the police continues to arbitrarily arrest and detain activists, lawyers, writers and professionals who have dedicated their lives to ensure that justice is served where it is due. Continue reading