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Letter to NCPCR regarding Rape of Minor in Ranchi

The following letter to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) brings to attaention reports of the rape of a school-going minor girl in Arki, Khunti district, Jharkhand, by an SPO (Special Police Officer), several other policemen, and CRPF men, through 2012 up to mid-2013. It urges the Commission to undertake a larger fact finding on the safety of school-going children, especially young girls, in Khunti District highlighting the vulnerability of children in these conflict areas. Several instances of violation of child rights in several parts of Jharkhand as part of anti-naxal operations have occured. In December 2010, in a case brought to its attention by WSS, where three minor girls in the same district were arrested  for being ‘dangerous Naxals’ and treated as adults and sent to police custody, NCPCR’s intervention had led to their release in early January 2011.
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In the Eye of the Storm


Women in Jharkhand Facing Operation Greenhunt

MAY 2011

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In recent times, the state of Jharkhand has been characterized by rapid corporatisation and state interventions like the Operation Greenhunt. In the drive to tap the great mineral wealth in the forests of Jharkhand, tribal people’s lands have come under the attack of companies and their agents. As a result in the last few years, the state has seen a strong upsurge of tribal and peoples resistance movements against this. Set up to curb all forms of peoples resistance, Operation Greenhunt has resulted in incidents of brutal violence against the people of Jharakhand. There have been several reports/ allegations of police and other security forces inflicting violence on villagers during their anti-Maoist operations in areas under Operation Greenhunt, including rape and sexual violence against women. Against this backdrop, a team of women visited the state in November 2010 to look into specific news reports of rapes and get an understanding of the overall situation of women in the Operation Green Hunt areas of Jharkhand, with a specific attention to sexual violence.

This report is a compilation of their findings.
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