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Tribute To Our Member Rajni Tilak

WSS mourns the loss of Rajni Tilak, an invaluable member of WSS, a friend to so many of us.  Rajni was a fiery Dalit feminist, an untiring anti-caste fighter and a Dalit writer. Her life epitomized struggle both at the personal and political level. She was taken away from us far too soon, and even now it is hard to believe that she is not still with us.   Above all, Rajni was a pioneer who raised questions of caste and patriarchy in the context of the movements and politics located more specifically in North India and Delhi , at a time when hardly anyone was doing so.  We might even say that because anti-caste struggles in this region and city were largely invisible to women’s groups and left organisations for so long, it is thanks to fighters like Rajni that spaces were created in often hostile terrain.  Moreover, Rajni’s life was characterized by hardship and struggle as she shouldered the responsibilities of supporting her family and siblings as a single parent, and later on her own ailing mother, whom she nurtured steadfastly till her very last days.  Her acumen and strategic understanding in many situations also drew from such a life of determination and grit against all odds.  We express our deepest condolences to all the family and friends she has left behind, most especially her daughter Jyotsna Siddharth, of whom Rajni was so proud. Continue reading